By Alley Keresztesy

  1. Being an Upperclassman. Lisa-Kudrow-Phoebe-Buffay-friends-excited-eccbc87e4b5ce2fe28308fd9f2a7baf3-630 (1)Follow my lead, sophs.
  1. (Most of you) can drive! giphy1buuuut you can’t leave campus yet. 😦mybad
  1. Cutting the pizza line full of freshmen. tumblr_n33yd4rilo1qd5mq1o1_400WATCH OUT FOR THE SENIORS!
  1. Hanging out in the back of the student center/library and getting to tell the underclassmen to shut it when they get too loud. SnapePeople are trying to do work, here!
  1. Getting tables in the atrium. giphy (3)But only for the ‘cool’ people.
  1. Being intimidating enough to push through the crowds of sophs and freshies blocking your way. mike-tyson-intimidation-oUnless you’re nice, in which case this doesn’t apply to you.
  1. Not having to take CTPs or other pointless tests.This is the year the REAL tests start. #SAT
  1. Getting a job and having $$$$. No, no, I’ll pay for Starbucks this time.
  1. Knowing what’s cool/okay to wear.*HINT* It’s not colored pants.
  1. Being able to embarrass your younger siblings with your coolness.HEEEEY FRESHMEN!
  1. Getting a rose at IDEO from a senior and getting junior class rings.Are we really taking over next year?
  1. Getting your legacy flag raised at the last legacy day of the year.Ron Swanson is excited
    Is this real life?
  1. Starting the college process. Is this fun or terrifying?No one knows.
  1. Being able to choose some of your classes and actually enjoy them. But also being so exhausted all the time because of all your homework.Reaction GIF: tired, Michael Cera, George-Michael Bluth, Arrested Development
  1. Gaining a little respect from the seniors.Guys, we’re actually really close in age.
  1. Becoming the leaders of the school.excited animated GIF


Sources: Tumblr, Giphy

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