The Do’s & Don’ts of Social Media

By: Caroline Jobson


  • Use a strong password and change it frequently
  • Verify that the people you’re “friends” with online are at least within your community and somewhat recognizable.
  • Live in the moment. Not every social gathering is an opportunity to post, tweet, or update your profile on social media.
  • Use your online presence to connect with people and maintain relationships.
  • Check over your online profiles once every couple of weeks. Update your profile to showcase who you really are and to get rid of irrelevant or embarrassing posts.


  • Upload, comment, post, or share anything you wouldn’t want everyone to see. Remember, the internet is
  • Share any personal information (i.e. telephone number, address, social security number) online.
  • Post photos of illegal activity (i.e. underage drinking), or at least make sure any evidence of this is blurred or hidden.
  • Make it a competition of how many friends, likes, or followers you have.
  • Paint an embellished or inaccurate self-portrait. After all, it’s how you are in person that counts.