How You Found Solace

By: Kat Holleran

“There is too much – too much stress, too much craziness. How am I supposed to emerge out of a world that is so hectic and live in peacefulness and serenity, if that is the goal?” you asked me with frustration.

“Calm down,” I said to you, without angst.

“How can I?” You were still upset. Still lost in confusion, and I don’t blame you. You’ve spent so much time chasing after these things that are so intangible.

“Money, grades, titles – all these things you spend time stressing about – they all inherently mean nothing.” I told you.

“I can’t give up on those things; they matter to me,” you tell me sharply.

“I know,” I say to you. “I am not here to suggest that you stop putting time and energy in these things, but that you separate yourself from them. To prosper in these environments you have to understand that these things do not make or break you.”

“Okay…but how do I do that?” You asked me. I wasn’t surprised.

“Meditate,” Is what I told you, “meditate and you will find solace.”

And you did, and your life was forever changed. Your friends thought you were silly but eventually gave in, knowing you were onto something. Now, each day, you take ten minutes to sit in silence at peace. Sometimes you count backwards from ten, drawing a long breath in between each number, as if you’re walking down the stairs. Other times, you just sit or lay with your eyes closed and listen to ocean sounds or your favorite songs. You take this time not to reflect on your day, or anything, really; you take this time to be still with the world; you take this time for you.