Octagon: An Addicting Game That Math Teachers Might Like

By: Sukhmani Kaur

Yes! NOOOOO! I CAN’T BEAT THIS, IT’S SO HARD! OMG I’M ON LEVEL 500! Over the past few weeks, these words have echoed in the atrium, the student center, and the other popular hangouts of Hathaway Brown Upper School. When the hard working Blazers relax between classes, they often turn to games on their laptops, androids, and iPhones. In the last few weeks, the arrow and enter keys on the school’s computers appear to have gained an exponentially worn down look. If one tries to ascertain the reason behind these two types of keys being the most popular keyboard keys in the upper school, the natural conclusion that would emerge would be these young women playing the game Octagon. Octagon is the new gaming challenge for young adults who love to play “Super Hexagon” or “Impossible Road.”  The popularity of the vibrant game of Octagon has had a meteorical trajectory since it was released on June 17, 2014 by creator Bruce Lee.


Octagon has a hypnotizing background consisting of white and luminous colors that strike out at the player. An octagonal shaped ball ventures in its journey through steep holes and ground with changing colors. As the floor moves underneath the ball, the player has to spin his or her world around to dodge speed bumps. The key to surviving this mad race is to be vigilant and use maneuvers to flip upside-down to avoid holes, or surf on top of the Octagon. Each round lasts sixty seconds; therefore to win, the player must have super-fast reflexes. The game can be played in Classic and Never Ending modes. There is an unlimited number of randomly generated levels. With dynamic graphics and an original soundtrack with a minimalistic look, the game is pure challenge. Octagon is available on the PC and Mac platforms and in the Apple and Google play store. Fair warning, this game can be super addicting once you start!

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