Miss A Day? Don’t Panic!

By: Roxana Moazami

We’ve all been there: that moment when you’ve missed one day of school and feel as if you’re completely behind.You then suddenly realize that you have double the homework the next night!


But what can you do to avoid this overwhelming feeling? I have just the advice, because i had just lived through the same thing.

  • Use the syllabi and Google Calendar! One thing people tend to forget is that our teachers post syllabuses that contain the homework AS WELL AS what they did in class. This is also in Google Calendar, which some HB students prefer. Use this as a tool! Just review the syllabus, and if you have all your homework with you, it doesn’t hurt to get a little ahead. Your teachers will give you an extra day, but then again, you would have to do the homework you missed plus the new homework all in one night.
  • Meet with all of your teachers the next day either in the morning or during a free period! Not only will you get all the papers and information you need, but your teachers will also be super impressed that you’re being a responsible student. You can also have time to schedule when to take quizzes/tests that you have missed. Some HB girls don’t do this, and instead meet with their teachers before class starts. This doesn’t give you enough time to really gather all of the information you need, so I don’t recommend doing that.
  • Ask your friends! Ask your friends for any notes that you missed or if you’re confused about the homework.
  • You don’t need to be overwhelmed! Your teachers are sympathetic, so if you are really struggling with catching up, just talk to them! They can always schedule a time with you to go over anything you missed. Never feel scared to talk to your teachers; they are there to help you!

Missing a day of school because you were sick shouldn’t backfire on you. If you follow these tips, you’re sure to be all caught up! So when you’re not in school, get curled up in your warm blanket and get started on that English homework. It’s not going to get done by itself!