By: Crystal Zhao

HB in Retrospect is our school’s beloved equivalent to a newspaper, filled with entertaining tidbits that never fail to delight. We post everything from news commentary to guides for fruit infused water to pop culture chats with our wonderful educators. There is something to please every person. It has recently come to my attention that Buzzfeed, an extremely popular internet news media company, is strikingly similar to our little website for a number of reasons.

  1. One word. GIFS. They are just so entertaining! HB in Retrospect uses them sparingly, as title pictures and such. Buzzfeed just goes all out. Chocolate sprinkles or chocolate sauce? It’s a win-win situation!
  2. Both HB in Retrospect and Buzzfeed are extremely relatable, especially HB in Retrospect’s whole @HB section. We, as a school, could definitely come to a consensus on the articles posted there. Yes, Nutella is life. Yes, seniors rule the school. And yes, we all worship the Brown Bag like a delicious, life-saving deity. Here are some popular titles for Buzzfeed articles:
  • 10 Signs That You Are ___________
  • 10 _________ People Problems
  •  20 Reasons Why We Love ________
  • and of course…10 Symptoms of Being Hopelessly Addicted to ________
  1. The video section of the two websites are both enchanting time-sucks. Everyone loves them and pounces whenever a new video comes out. We love watching professional funny-men and women reacting to international foods. And men trying yoga? It’s satisfying to see them fail so completely after they make fun of us so much for doing it. Although HB in Retrospect’s video section is decidedly smaller, we look forward to it greatly. Thanks!
  1. HB in Retrospect and Buzzfeed boast the best quizzes on the Internet. Our own website has all of the answers to the most pressing questions in our minds. What instrument was destined to be yours? Never mind that I have played trumpet for four years, I now know violin was really meant to be mine. Then, you might travel over to Buzzfeed to find out how “Alex From Target” you are. No joke. The world is such an amusing place.
  1. Sometimes, after a long day all we need is a dose of extreme cuteness. Both HB in Retrospect and Buzzfeed offer that. Pictures of the adorable children of teachers live permanently in the archives if you ever need a happiness boost. Buzzfeed is not lacking in this section, either. There is an actual “Cute” tab you can click on (and should click on). It will transport you to the realm of baby animals and their antics.

HB in Retrospect and Buzzfeed. We love them both. Sometimes, the stress of being overachieving, successful people gets to be too much. In that case, we have not one but TWO websites where we can kick back and enjoy cute, funny, and informative articles. We are lucky, lucky people.

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Reporting not for school, but for life.

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