By Katrina Frei-Herrmann and Brett Parsons

Swimming & Diving and Basketball are the only two winter sports at HB. With these being the only ones occurring during this time a year, there are often disputes about which is one in the more rigorous sport. Here is a breakdown of the most unique and difficult aspects of each sport from an inside view. Although both sports have their challenges, they both add to the HB experience, teaching you discipline, perseverance, and teamwork.


Swimming and Diving

Open gyms started a week before school ended. Morning practices starting at 6
Beginning in October, conditioning occurred four days a week. Morning and after school practices (11

practices a week) and Saturday practices

Three hours practices on Saturdays when there aren’t any games. Practices are every day after school from 7:30-9 pm at Orange or John Carroll for diving
Sprinting Swim caps
Paul Post-swimming exhaustion
Suicides Green hair
Far away games in the middle of the week Sticky clothes
You must be versatile Walking in the cold winter after swim practice= frozen hair
The race against the clock Having to shave
Man-like uniforms Facing good teams like Hawken
The pressure of free throws Trying to beat the record board every year
Timed water breaks Relays
The consequences of the Browns loosing Skin-tight uniforms
Ankle braces Knee-skins
Watching film Long distance
Rapping being the only way to get through sprinting Getting bored while swimming and singing annoying songs in your head
Sharing the gym Being expected to not only to swim well, but also, run well.
Contact sports and occasional blood Dry land practices
The amount of plays you have to remember Crowded lanes
The hard choices for making everything match (socks, bra, shorts) Having to share a pool with little kids
Memorizing plays and different defenses Wrinkly feet
Improvising on the floor After practice, your bag is wet, with all the clothes in it.
The team sport factor: how well you do depends on your teammates. Showering at least two times a day

Sources: HB Twitter