Are You “Down To Chill”?- An Interview with Cleveland Marketing Rep Morgan Austin

Interviewers: Bridget Babcox and Lizzie Poulos

We sat down with Morgan Austin, Teen Cleveland Ambassador for the new social networking application “Down To Chill” or “DTC” for short. Morgan Austin is one of the senior class presidents and is doing her work on “Down To Chill” for her Center for Business and Finance project. Check out what she had to say about this cool new social media platform:

Lizzie: What is “Down to Chill”?

Morgan: Down to Chill app connects you with you Facebook friends and phone contacts that are nearby and “down to chill” at the same time as you. It’s to minimize boredom and increase fun and friendship.

Bridget: What is one word you would use to describe DTC app?

Morgan: Social! Because it is like no other form of social networking in that it bridges the gap between connecting with people online and spending time together and person.

Lizzie: Why should we download DTC?

Morgan: you should download it because it is an easy way to see which of your friends are free and could hangout with you, or it could connect you with old friends about whom you may have forgotten and with which you want to chill, and with the holidays coming up, it’s a great way to see who’s in town and who wants to chill.

Bridget: What are the logistics of the app?

Morgan: You can set the time frame in which you are free, you can hash tag activities you would like to do (for example #movies), and then it will match you with Facebook friends or contacts that are free. Once you have your matches, if both you and the other person “swipe down” and decide to hangout, it will put you in a chat together on the app so you guys can plan.

Lizzie: So it won’t be awkward if you are free but you may not want to hangout with any of the people who are free on the app?

Morgan: Nope! There’s no way for them to see whether or not you chose to hang out with them. Who knows–you may not be checking your phone. It’s a stress-free way to connect with people you want to hang out with.

Bridget: How do we get the app? Is it free?

Morgan: It is completely free and is on the App Store, or you can check for information and more ways to download Down To Chill!