By Maya Razmi

Fall is over, and now it’s time for winter in CLE. Here’s some ways to stay warm at the Hath and at home.

  1. Food. I’ve seen more than a few people roaming the hallways with Starbucks drinks, but really, any warm winter drink will work in the morning. Instead of waking up an extra 15 minutes earlier to get Starbucks, make your own hot chocolate or coffee. Also, bake some cookies or brownies to bring in for your mentor group – not only will they warm you up, but they will make your friends really happy.
  2. Heaters. This might sound a little odd, but there’s always certain classrooms where it’s a little chilly in the morning. So, make sure to sit near the heaters, which are usually in the back of the classroom. They’ll be sure to warm you up!
  3. Earmuff headphones. We all know that the biggest struggle in the winter time is not driving to school in the middle of a blizzard, or studying for the dreaded midterms – it’s finding a way to listen to music while keeping your ears warm! Never fear, earmuff headphones are here! This way, you can listen to music while keeping your ears warm.
  4. Clothes. Put away your skirts and take out some cozy socks, fuzzy slippers, and comfy sweaters! Layering is a great way to keep warm – that way, if you get a little hot, you can always take off a layer. Uggs, or any kind of boots for that matter, will keep your feet warm as well.
  5. Candles. This is a great time of the year to light a candle in your house. Not only do they smell good, but they will warm you up as well.
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