By: Catherine Mullen

  1. Played a Fall Sport- It would have been the best way to meet some new people before schools started.
  2. Realized what subjects I actually liked the best—Now I wish I had taken Business and Finance.
  3. Had a shorter learning curve- Freshman year grades are important in the long run! Especially if you want to have Honors and AP opportunities later on.
  4. Worked during free periods, instead of hanging out – Everyone has so many Freshman year!
  5. Pursued a leadership opportunity
  6. Practiced studying “better” – bad habits are hard to break.
  7. Started community service- It would have been nice to have done some more service Freshman year.
  8. Not been late to school as much—it’s embarrassing living across the street and having so many points!
  9. Met with my teachers more—they’re really here to help and they want us to succeed
  10. Relaxed—Freshman year really isn’t that bad! That one World Religions test you think you’ve failed isn’t going to hurt you in the long run.

Be prepared. Be excited. And most importantly have fun during your first year in the Upper School.