By: Val Mischka


The King has returned! Time to dig up those jerseys or repurchase them after you burned them four years ago. That is what all the newspapers, newscasters, and the lovely people of Northeast Ohio say – the King and his kingdom, or in other terms Lebron James and Cleveland, are back and better than ever.

Lebron played on the Cavaliers and then left his hometown to join the Miami Heat. Now, after four years, he is back playing for Cleveland. Some Clevelanders adore Lebron while others essentially hate him for abandoning us four years ago. Whether you like Lebron or not, he is back, and he is making more money for the economy and putting the CLE on the map.

A few weeks ago, it was the Cavaliers homecoming game, and everyone was ready in their new blue, yellow, and red jerseys. Cleveland was ready – we had another Lebron banner to hang up. Everyone was there, from Beyoncé to Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar, Usher, Justin Bieber, and even Kevin Hart! They all came for Lebron and his new beginning, but that night he gave it away. The Cavaliers lost 95 to 90. There were a lot of disappointed faces in the crowd, because we all thought a new season of talent, a new season of wins for Cleveland. I can see how even the greatest basketball player of all time was nervous. It was his first game back, everyone wanted him to score, and the pressure put on him must have been incredible.

But no fear! Lebron brought it back the next week, and the Cavaliers beat the Chicago Bulls 114 to 108. Maybe the Cavs and Lebron needed a practice game before they started winning. Let’s just hope this year will be a great time for sports in Cleveland, so get up and go out to see the Cavaliers, the Browns, and especially our own HB Blazers!


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