By: Emily Spencer

Un titled

When it comes to diamonds bigger is better, but imagine a diamond bigger than our entire planet; it would be pretty hard to put on a ring. Planet 55 Cancri E is a rocky planet orbiting its star so fast that one year on its surface would only last 18 earth hours. It is incredibly hot, incredible dense, and incredibly glamorous. The planet is composed mainly of carbon and because of the intense temperature scientists think that at about a third of the planet’s mass is diamond, that’s three times the mass of the earth. Graphite and other forms of carbon are also plentiful from its surface to its core. While it is unlikely people will ever be able to live on planets made of diamond, someday, we might be able to send mining operations there. Someday, Jared and Kay Jewelers may carry exclusive lines of space diamond earrings, and that’s pretty neat.

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