My Mom’s Shoes  

By: Sue Roy

There are almost like Keds, Size 8.5,

Just like my sister and I,

Practical, sneaker-like, flat.

My mom is like that,

Practical and always thinking,

Always moving, always loving.

Her loving side is shown by the

Little T-Shaped Buckle on the top,

Which is how she is.

They’re comfortable and warm,

Just like her.

They are black, which is funny,

Because she likes the color green,

Not the forest one or the lime one,

But the one right in between.

She hates black, because it’s too dark,

But she calls it practical.

Black is practical.

It reflects her activities every day.

She has to get up, get my brother ready,

Got to work, sit and bill all day long

Come home, cook,

Make sure we aren’t going crazy,

And then go to sleep, exhausted.

What is weird though is that

We expect her to be a machine

When she has emotions too.

Like her shoe, we expect her to

Be practical, supportive, and sturdy,

But always have a little love.

I don’t know how she does it.

Photo Source: etsy