By: Maya Razmi

Do you like Science? Would you like to work in a lab with real scientists? Do you like to discover new things in the world of cutting edge science? If you answered no to any of these questions, join SREP anyway! (Just kidding…you really really should only take SREP if you’re into Science) The Science Research and Engineering Program at HB facilitates a love for Science in high school students. Although it’s a lot of work, it’s definitely worth it in the end. However, in order to join the program, students must first get accepted.

In order to get accepted into the program, students must write a 300 word essay sharing why they love Science and why they want to get placed in a lab. Later on, this essay will get sent on to the labs, who will read the essays in order to determine whether or not the student will get accepted into the lab. Freshmen must also have a certain score in the CTP categories of Verbal and Quantitative Reasoning. They are also required to have a certain grade in Math and Science, and their teachers must also feel that they are ready for the difficulties that working at the lab present. Students are only allotted one sport season off from the lab during the school year. Therefore, there are numerous freshmen who end up waiting until Sophomore year to get placed. But that’s okay! There are many three-year projects that are just as good as the four-year ones. It also must be feasible for a student to go to the lab for seven full work weeks, or 35 full days over the Summer.

If you’re a freshman who takes numerous sports, or if your grades aren’t the best they could be, don’t worry! You can always opt to wait until sophomore year to get placed into a lab.

Before you join SREP, make sure you are ready for the rigors of the program – it takes a lot of hard work and dedication, but in the end, it’s definitely worth it.

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