Staying Positive During the Fall and Winter

By Haley Yahraus

With the bitter and brisk cold, the shorter days, the lack of sun, and the dread of midterm exams looming over us, it’s nearly impossible to stay positive during the fall and winter months. Some of us can’t help but feel the stress of our way-too-confusing-and-just-awful assignments. Plus, it’s much harder to stay positive. Sure, winter break might be coming up, but before that we have to worry about midterms. And summer isn’t here for another whole six months… Basically, any attempt to be happy in this time of dread usually ends up like Princess Unikitty’s (from The Lego Movie): in despair.


And that might very well be how most of us are feeling right now. But I promise, much like how Emmet saved the Lego world, you can find that the little lovely aspects of fall and winter are almost enough to put us back on our feet! My favorite parts of the cold weather are:

  1. Hot DrinksYes, it’s a cliché at this time of year, but it’s still very true. You can never have too much hot cocoa. If you’re not a huge cocoa fan, try coffee with peppermint or pumpkin creamer. My personal favorite is peppermint tea—especially when made with milk. Milk tea can be life changing—you never know.
  2. Fall/winter clothes

    Who doesn’t want to wear a super cute fall hat, winter coat or fuzzy scarf? Boots in the cold are so much more comfortable than in the summer, and since they’re practically a necessity, you might get help buying them.

  3.  The Time of Giving

    Another typically expected aspect of the winter, but knowing about all the donations, gift-giving, and the expressions of loving kindness—who doesn’t love sugar and presents and new-found memories?

  4. Relaxing in Front of the FireplaceThere’s something about the flickering flames and the heavy scent of glowing ash that makes the cold so precious and perfect.

    giphy (23)

    So relax! Cuddle up with fleece blankets, sugary treats, and cheesy but somehow endearing Christmas and holiday films. Remember that winter break and time with friends is just around the corner, and everything will turn out fine in the end. Blast the car with something other than those awful, redundant Christmas tunes, and make sure to have fun while shopping for presents.

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