By Jordan Doak

One of my favorite days last year started when I was sitting in one of those plush chairs in the Writing Center. I was pouring over a middle school science research paper adding commas, strengthening thesis statements, and brainstorming topic sentences. If that doesn’t sound like fun to you, that’s okay because I didn’t think it sounded fun at all at first. But on that specific day, with that specific paper, after dedicating a precious free period, the middle school girl whose paper I was helping to edit conquered any fear she might have had of the reputation of a high schooler, walked around the table, and gave me a hug I never saw coming.

This girl was one of only two middle school girls to sign up for upper school help through the middle and upper school writing center collaboration, and I guess she got the help that she needed. Just going through and reading her paper with her and offering suggestions probably boosted her grade, sure, but it also gave her so much confidence. It was so special to be able to give her the help she needed.

Everyone should sign up for this. I was signed up for one semester last year and I only met with students three or four times – it is NOT a huge commitment. But, every time you are able to help out helps our younger HB sisters so, so much. You don’t have to be the best writer, you don’t have to have a 36 writing ACT sub-score or know all the punctuation rules, you just have to be willing to help; your own high school experience will take care of the rest.