How to Not Get Ill

By Emma Bryan

Remember Ebola?  Well, that never actually hit the Hath, but what actually did is quite possibly even worse.  Every year around this time, countless students forego the health of our community, and show up to school with the bubonic plague (or really severe colds).  I understand that the prospect of missing school, though tempting, is very terrifying because we are all afraid that we’ll miss the explanation of that one math problem, the bio lab that we’ll undoubtedly have to make up alone, or that discussion that will change our understanding of classic literature forever, but at a certain point, our dedication to attendance is harmful to not only ourselves, but to our fellow Blazers as well.


            If you’re coughing every half-second or running a two-hundred degree fever, please stay home, but here are ways that you can avoid becoming sick and missing school in the first place:

  1. Wash your hands frequently! (I know that we’re told this constantly, but it actually does make a difference in a school where there are girls running around with contagious diseases)
  2. Eat healthy food and be sure you’re getting necessary vitamins. (as a bonus, this will give you more energy and put you in a much better mood while giving your body the power to combat sickness)
  3. Sleep! (at HB, sleep seems to be this magical thing that none of us actually get, but I promise if you set a cut-off time for work that you will follow and get enough sleep, you’ll feel much better, and your immune system will be much more effective, also you won’t plagiarize)