If Teachers were Celebrities…

By: Izzy Catanzaro & Ines Zippe


Have you ever wondered which A-list celebrity your teacher is most like? Well, after much deliberation, we have matched up some teachers with celebrities for you!


Kevin Purpura is…. Kanye West


Like Kanye, KP likes to be heard, and doesn’t care what the haters have to say. If Taylor wins the VMA and he doesn’t think she should, he’s going to go up there and tell the world. However, beneath that stoic face is a surprisingly nice person.


Joe Vogel is…. Beyonce


Just like Bey, Vogel is fabulous. Mr. Vogel is super entertaining and, of course, that strut…. Both are are enormously famous and just like Beyonce, Mr. Vogel knows EVERYONE.


Scott Parsons is…. Jimmy Fallon


Like Fallon, Mr. Parsons is hilariously funny, but tries to play it off. Also like Fallon, Mr. Parson’s arduous attempts to stay out of the spotlight actually make him quite popular. And as you can observe from the picture above, both really, really like plaid.


Mrs. Barnabei is….Sandra Bullock


Not only do they look alike, but Mrs. Barnabei and Sandra Bullock are both charmingly funny with a heavy dose of sass. Just like our gal Sandra, Mrs. Barnabei is an avid sports fan, and just an all around cool person.


Mr. Hatcher is…. George Clooney


Just like our friend George, Mr. Hatcher is the definition of smooth. Everyone thinks he’s awesome, and he is just so chill and cool that people wonder if it is possible for him to get mad. Direct quote from Mr. Hatcher’s good friend Mr. Parson’s: “He is the most emotionally stable guy I have ever known. Dr. Smooth.” There you have it guys, Both George & Hatcher are “Dr. Smooth”.


J-Mo is….Russell Brand


Both at one point have had hair longer than shoulder length and are always raising the style bar. They know how to make a crowd laugh and can lighten the mood at any time. Also, Russell Brand’s best selling book is entitled “My Booky Wook”, a title we know J-Mo would love.



Mr. Ciuni is….Robert Downey Junior


While Mr. Ciuni is not a recovering drug addict, both men are not afraid to speak their minds and be themselves. They are very talented, funny, and self-described family men. Mr. Ciuni is basically a superhero, and R.B.J. plays one, so clearly they’re soulmates.



Ms. Godshall is….. Kris Jenner


Both run their “families” with lots of authority (they wear the pants). They are strategic and give off motherly vibes, not to mention they are both super fab.