Dear Seniors…

By: Kavya Menon


Dear Seniors,


In your moments of anxiety and stress that come with applying to colleges and waiting for their answers (I promise that all of you WILL get into a school that is your dream come true), I’d just like to take a second to honor, appreciate, and thank all of you. You guys are just so incredible and amazing, and have been the best role models any underclassmen could ask for. I can honestly say that a large part of me wishes I was a part of the Class of 2015.

I remember in middle school when you guys all scared the crap out of me–then again, everyone older than me struck fear into the core of my heart when I was a middle schooler, so please don’t take it personally. Then I entered the upper school, and all upperclassmen seemed to despise my very existence simply because I was a freshman. However, your class was different–you guys made me feel special. You talked to me in the hallway, asked to take pictures with me, gave me advice, told me that I had no right to worry because I was a freshman, laughed at my mediocre jokes to make me feel good, and gave me the greatest thing any upperclassman can give to a baby freshman–the gift of inclusion. You welcomed me into the upper school with open arms and I don’t think I would have survived freshman year if it hadn’t been for all of your words of wisdom.

A summer goes by, school reopens, and suddenly it’s my sophomore year. I was taking my first AP class, and damn, did I feel like the world was ending. Once again, after reminding me that what I was going through was small potatoes compared to what you as juniors were going through, you gave me endless guidance that not only served to help me get through the year, but also to calm me down. Seeing you all get through your junior year with your chins held high was truly inspiring. You guys were a constant reminder that sophomore year was survivable. Also, I actually got to know quite a few of you really well–I finally had the nerve to join clubs and extracurriculars that so many of you were involved in, and seeing members of the Class of 2015 at club and activity meetings was always the best part of anything I was doing. Some of you were even kind enough to invite me to do things outside of school, and I can’t tell you how amazing that felt. I developed a relationship with so many of you–you guys truly made me feel like I was a special part of the HB Community, and you made me realize how truly grateful I should be to be a part of that community. At what other school could I have become such good friends with girls in the grade above me?

Another summer goes by, but this summer is different. Within my first few days of freedom, I’ve spent multiple hours with rising seniors. While you all tell me what hell junior year was, I smile and nod, occasionally feigning fear, but truly feeling a sense of deep appreciation and inspiration, because your very existence is a reminder that I can do it–that I will get through junior year, just like you did. Then the school year starts. I realize I should have been more scared than I was. It is hell. BUT, whenever I talk to a senior about how their year is going, I am not only reminded that the best is yet to come (extreme sarcasm intended), but I am also given the irreplaceable guidance and wisdom that only the Class of 2015 can give me.

You guys don’t realize how much you shape everyone’s life at HB–your genuine kindness and valuable advice have been such an integral part of everyone’s high school experience. Thank you so much for always being such friendly and enthusiastic people. Thank you for not caring that I am a year younger than you and for still being such great friends to me in spite of my “inferiority”. Thank you for welcoming me. Thank you for making me feel like I am a part of something. Thank you for making me feel special. Thank you for being intelligent and wise, and more importantly for sharing your gifts with the rest of us. Thank you for being so talented and wonderful–you’ve set the bar so incredibly high. And finally, please remember that, though you just applied to leave HB, your high school sisters will always love and care for you, just as you have loved and cared for us, and we will miss you terribly. I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do without all of you next year. Thank you for being the best older sisters a girl could ask for.