By: Kavya Ravichandran and Haley Yahraus

ISRAELI CULTURE CLUB: As you well know from history class, the Mediterranean has long been the crossroads of the world. Curious to know more about people other than the Romans and the Greeks who have played major roles in the area? Join Israeli Culture Club! Run by awesome senior Lauren Kahn and awesome junior Alex Margulies, this club aims to make the HB community aware of the depth of Israeli culture (which is distinct from Jewish culture). As stated by Lauren, “A common misconception is that this club is a ‘Jewish club,’ but it is nothing of the sort!” Instead, Israeli Culture Club includes watching Israeli sitcoms, eating delicious food (including outside pizza), and much more! So what are you waiting for? Email Lauren or Alex to join! (,


SPOKEN WORD POETRY: Do you like performing, art, and writing? Spoken word poetry focuses not only on the art of writing but performance as well. In this club, run by Kat Phifer and Francesca Ferri, you can learn and explore with others how to critique, create, edit, and perform spoken poetry. The leaders of this club have said regarding it, “We feel it is a very unique club that will expand the artistic mind and help some members discover a passion they never might have otherwise. It will also improve writing and public speaking abilities. Basically it’s super awesome.” To join, just contact Kat Phifer ( or Francesca Ferri (


BLACK CULTURAL AWARENESS CLUB: Are you interested in African American culture? Would you appreciate an affinity group for African American students within the school? Would you like for the HB community to be exposed to knowledge about different aspects of the culture? Black Cultural Awareness Club hosts different activities, discussion forums, and listens to awesome speakers along with informing the HB community. One exciting event this year is the tradition of the BCA dance on November 21st. Make sure to email Skylar Luke ( or ( if you’re interested–you still have time to join!


HB TECS: The average starting salary for a computer science major is in the high 60-thousands (Forbes). For comparison, the average starting salary for an English major is in the high 30-thousands (NACE) (nothing personal, y’all). That’s right, there’s a two-fold difference. That’s why you should join HB TECS, HB’s Computer Science club! Even a basic knowledge in computer science can increase job opportunities and starting salaries. Coding and CS can also be used to create Tumblr themes or iPhone apps. We’ll walk you through it–no experience necessary! You don’t even need to know what a computer is! Seriously! Email to join. You won’t regret it!

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