What If Scary Stories Took Place at the Hath?

By Carly Wellener

The Legend of the Sleepy Hallway (aka Sleepy Hollow)


  • There would be no “Sleepy Hollow” out in the woods. In the Hath edition, this story would take place in the scary, empty halls of the basement.
  • Instead of a headless horseman, for obvious reasons, it would be a horsewoman
  • The horsewoman would not have a pumpkin head. No, they would have a delicious pumpkin spice latte head! Hey, this person actually doesn’t seem so bad…


A Disappointing Series of Horror Movies that get Progressively Worse but Instead Take Place at Hathaway Brown School (aka Paranormal Activity)

  • Life would continue as normal but some things would fall or get lost randomly and only one person in the school will think it’s a ghost.
  • Maybe the HB Thief would be an actual demon instead of a regular person acting like one?
  • The scary sites would be documented solely by Snapchat story


And of course…

The Hath-Slinging Slasher (aka the Hash-Slinging Slasher)


  • It will be a Tuesday night (and for some reason you will be stuck at the Hath)
  • The lights will flicker on and off (and we will still have school the next day despite the power outage)


  • Your cellphone will ring, but no one will be there.
  • A mysterious bus will pull up to the front of the school.
  • Next a lone, hooded figure will inch towards the front door of the Hath, looking menacing. The menacing figure will come into the light and will be revealed to be yet another lost bus driver from a different school trying to find the proper parking lot in which to drop off their sports team.