Rules of the School: The Library and the Hallowed Silence It Should Have

By Emily Amjad

I sit in the library, coat on, head down, fingers typing. There is a girl next to me desperately trying to work on her test, but she can’t focus because everyone is chatting.

In this QUIET workspace, we need to be silent.

Minimal conversation is occasionally acceptable, one or even two questions about the assignment you’re working on, but laughter and extended conversations belong outside of the library.

As a senior, I’m swamped with work and the best place to get that done used to be the library. But now I have to fight for a seat and constantly shush the hoards of noisy underclassman. The study hall proctors speak to the girls as well, they need to get work done, they must not be distracting, there are others who are testing, etc. etc., but the teachers’ efforts are to no avail. I sat here and watched as a teacher asked the same group of sophomores four times to be quiet and respectful; that was four times too many.

Listen to the teacher. Listen to the other students in the library. Social hour does not happen in this chilly study space. Stop talking or please leave.

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