HB’s Guide to Flavored Water

By Brett Parsons

As I’m sure everyone has noticed, there several choices for water at the Hath’s lunch nowadays. I had a few fellow freshmen try all the waters provided one day at lunch (Grape-Strawberry, Mint-Lemon, Strawberry-Lemon and Strawberry-Pineapple) to provide a guide to HB’s flavored water experience. Here are the results!

Grape-Strawberry: Everyone agreed it was fairly decent, but tasted a lot like normal water. One of the Freshmen was confused with whether or not this water was actually fruit flavored.

Mint-Lemon: No one was this water’s biggest fan. Everyone agreed it was obscure and a very interesting experience, but would not readily recommend this flavor to any of their peers. Most likely it was because of how overpowering their respective flavors are.

Strawberry-Lemon: According to the tasters, the flavor tasted “Fine.” This flavor served as a fairly neutral flavor that had subtle hints of its respective fruits. However, some of the Freshmen disagreed that it wasn’t as tasty as expected.

Strawberry-Pineapple:  This one was the overall favorite of the group. Everyone agreed that this was by far the best flavor out of the five, and they strongly encourage everybody to enjoy this flavor alongside their lunches.

Although these freshmen claim Strawberry-Pineapple to be the best flavor, everybody is certainly entitled to their own opinions. These reviews are simply opinions from a select few members of the HB community. If you enjoy any of these combinations, or feel inclined to step outside of your pallet’s comfort zone one day, feel free to try any of these flavors if you have not already had the chance!

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