Fashion at HB: A Commentary on Yoga Pants and More

By Anonymous

Fashion at HB is pretty simple – same old same old clothes; Vineyard Vines sweatshirts, J
Crew pixie pants, Free People sweaters, and some Doc Martens. There are few exceptions to this.
Some girls walk around in band t shirts, hippie pants, or in all black; most girls like to stick to the
basic preppy style. I suppose girls just want to be comfy and cute, but why do we keep repeating
these styles of clothing? Is it because everyone likes it, people want to blend in, or is it just to
show off how much money someone has?

I see about twenty girls a day wearing those “duck boots” or whatever they’re called. So
many girls wear the same sort of outfits everyday that some of them are “twinning”. I could
probably go around the whole high school and ask each girl if they own a pair of J Crew pixie
pants, and most of them would most likely say yes, while I would be in the category of “will they
ever go on sale”?

A controversial article of clothing at HB are yoga pants. Everyone loves them and wants
to wear them, but sadly we are told “NO”. Basically, every girl still wears them unless they are in
Ms. Day’s class. Freshmen are terrified to wear them because they don’t want to receive a point,
but juniors and seniors don’t even care.

So, why does everyone wear the same thing? In my opinion, everyone wears the same
thing because people want to blend in, because girls are too worried of what people might think
of them if they dress how they truly are. Fashion is a statement to express your individuality.
Why does everything have to be the same? Wear your yoga pants if you want or wear those plaid
pants. This is all my opinion and people could have a different argument. Just think – in ten years
we will all be asking ourselves “why did we wear that”?