By Ellie Cascio and Taylor Herrick

As the fall seasons come to a close, an era has ended for these fall captains. Get to know them below!

Field Hockey

Max Meals is found in the center back of the Field Hockey field. Playing for seven years, before every game, Max likes to “Jack Johnson It Up”.  If Max could play a different sport she would row for Crew, “because abs”. Max said her spirit animal is a lion, possibly because of her hair or maybe her fierceness! Directly behind Max is Riley Whitmeyer, Goalie for the Blazers. Riley has been playing for five years, and will continue her field hockey career at Colby College in Maine for the next four years! Before every game Riley gets her hair braided and visualizes saves. If she could change sports she would play Golf, and that in another life she was a Polar Bear. To finish we have Teresa Iemma or “T”. Teresa has been playing for seven years and plays Center Back Midfielder. Teresa likes to start every game by “feeling the earth”. If she could play a different sport she would play Water Polo, but, alas, HB doesn’t offer a team. So instead, she said she would run Cross Country. Teresa said her spirit animal is a Dodo Bird.


Ursuline College is home to the Blazer Soccer Team and Emma Simmons can be found on Defense . Emma has been playing for 11 years and likes to start every game by “putting quotes in socks”. Emma says if she could play a different sport she would play Volleyball and her spirit animal is an elephant. Libby Fletcher is the second captain who plays Center Back and Midfield. She has been playing for nine years and likes to eat as much pasta and bread as possible the night before games. If she didn’t play Soccer she would like to play either Tennis or Field Hockey. The puma is said to be her spirit animal. Similarly to Libby, the third captain, Remi Salenger, has been playing for nine years. Most recently, she has been playing Center Midfield. She likes to stretch and crack her right shoulder. With the rest of her team, Remi also enjoys to read and kiss inspirational quotes and she put them under her chin guard. Tennis would have been her top pick if she didn’t play Soccer. Remi closely identifies herself with the cheetah.

Cross Country

The Cross Country captains wish to keep their personal lives confidential at this time.


The Volleyball team is lead by captains, Alley Keresztesy and Alex Kitzberger. Alley has been playing for eights years and is a Middle Hitter and Blocker. Alley doesn’t have any pregame rituals, but she is extremely superstitious about who she high fives during the game. Alley would play Soccer as her other Fall Sport, since she did in Middle School. It is unclear what Alley’s spirit animal is, but she says that it has to be a toss-up between r between a bear and a rabid boar.


Found on the court for the Tennis team are their two captains, Ally Persky and Madeline Schroedel. Playing for nine years, Ally has grown to thoroughly enjoy the team’s cheer before each match, and is found 2nd Singles on the team. If she decided to put down her racquet, she would play Soccer. Ally believes her spirit animal to be a dog.


Captains Amanda Bingaman and Caroline Carulas led the Golf Team this past year in a very successful season. Amanda has been playing for three years and likes to listen to music and practice her putting and hitting before a match. Amanda would play Field Hockey if she had the chance to play another fall sport. Without a surprise, Amanda claims her true spirit animal to be none other than HB’s most beloved Basketball coach, Paul Barlow.

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