Cross Country Senior Night+ Pumped Up Runners= Victory Over Mags!

By Katrina Frei-Herrmann

Oh, Senior Night. Such a marvelous night, full of teary-eyed Seniors, cheery freshmen, and stressed out Juniors. For the Cross Country Team, Senior Night was a happy, victorious night with a win over Magnificat, a Division I school.

Senior Night was extravagantly planned for the HB Cross Country team. The Freshman class made hilarious posters for all of the Seniors that included childhood pictures, embarrassing photos, inside jokes from the season, and signatures of the entire team.  The Sophomores bought flowers for the Seniors, the Juniors created gift bags full of candy and HB water bottles, and even bought a cookie cake! The parents made huge photo banners of every senior Seniors. Everyone was very anxious to give all of the seniors their splendid gifts.

Finally, after a week of planning, it was time! The first event was to present the parents’ banners. After counting to three, the underclassmen turned the banners to reveal the flawless Senior photos; the Seniors’ reactions were perfect, smiling and squealing as they inspected their respective banners. Shortly after came the revealing of the Freshmen’s posters. The Freshmen stood up on the benches, told the Seniors to stand in front of their poster, and the Freshmen turned the posters around in sync. The Seniors’ reactions were priceless. Everyone was screaming and laughing hysterically at the childhood pictures. Two of the Seniors were grasping onto each other as they saw pictures of themselves from when they were three and trick-or-treating together. Another Senior was questioning how the Freshmen found all of those pictures. The final Senior was hysterically laughing as she read over all of the inside jokes upon her poster. Everyone was in a great mood and ready to run!

As the team approached the starting line in the final race of the regular season, dirty glances between HB and Magnificat were exchanged. Tension was extremely high. Suddenly, the judge blew his whistle following it with two additional short whistles. Finally, after five long seconds of waiting, the gun went off. HB girls went off swiftly with a passion to finish. From this moment, the next three miles went by very quickly. Most runners got a personal record for the season! Also, HB took nine out of the top ten places, leading to a victory over Magnificat.

After a great race, the rest of Senior Night began. The Juniors stood upon the picnic table, gift bags in hand. Each of the Juniors gave a charming speech to their assigned Senior and handed them their bag, and the Sophomores handed the Seniors their flowers. The team laughed as they dwelled on the season. From the overnight trip in Tiffin, to the group chats and the team dinner, this year was a great year to remember.