By: Catherine Mullen

  1. Start early! Avoid procrastination at all costs. A thesis is NOT something you can write the night, or even the week, before.


  1. Avoid Wikipedia. Since Wikipedia is notorious for inaccurate information, it it’s best to not waste hours perusing through its information and risk being contradicted down the road.


  1. Use several sources. Even though one source might seem to be “the best” with all the information you could possibly want and or need for this paper, make sure to diversify citations. Often times, articles from various websites share similar points. In the end, citing numerous organizations or news outlets who support your points looks better than only citing one source.


  1. Have a solid outline. If you make a strong outline, the actual process of writing the entire paper will be much easier. Once your outline is done, you’ve already completed 85% of the final 20+ page paper.


  1. Cite the sources as you go. The biggest mistake people make is waiting until the paper is completed to search through the entire paper to find which facts belong to which sources.


  1. Sort your facts by sources. The nicest thing was being able to sort through the pre-categorized note cards to find facts, which will also come in handy during the outlining process.


  1. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Teachers want to help! Ms. Geaghan has a calendar devoted to you all. Contrary to popular belief, they actually want you to do well.


  1. Make a timeline. It will help you stay on track and avoid wasting time.


  1. Use your breaks and weekends. By doing so, you won’t need to burn too much of your homework time.
  2. RELAX- If I made it through so can you!



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