By: Ines Zippe   For sophomores here at Hathaway Brown, there is constant buzz surrounding the topic of driving and when everyone will finally receive their license. Upperclassmen can relate, since the excitement of driving was once a part of their lives as well. As more and more sophomores add a license to their wallets, they might be adding a car to their driveway. Cars are used for students to transport themselves to and from school and many other places, but what type of car is the question. Some may receive a hand-me-down from an older sibling or parent, some may buy a secondhand vehicle which will serve its purpose as a beginner car, while others may come home from their sweet sixteen birthday bash to see their dream car waiting for them in the driveway. Naturally, this car is a Jeep. Of course, not every student here at HB has a Jeep on their car wish list, but anyone who drives by during school hours will notice a common trend: Jeeps. Twenty-five circulate the HB campus, proving to be a significant number considering that there are so many types of cars to choose from nowadays. This poses the question, why are Jeeps so popular among drivers here at HB? Various students offer an explanation. Sophomore, Maren Butler, who plans on driving a Jeep by next summer, states, “I want a Jeep because I think they are one of the coolest looking cars around. I also like how they are high [above] ground so I feel like I’m on top of the world when I drive one.” Regan Alt, a junior, says she loves her Jeep because “it is fun and easy to drive and great for the summer since you can take off the top.” Senior Molly Coughlin seconds this statement with, “It’s a good beginner car since it is very easy to drive and turns smoothly”. She also adds, “You can personalize your Jeep since there are many colors you can get–red, grey, white, yellow–and many tires to pick for your car. There is also a large selection of Jeeps, ranging from Wranglers to Liberties to Patriots. And don’t forget about the Jeep wave! Every time you pass another Jeep on the road you give them a three finger wave. We are practically a cult. Now that I have one, I could never have any other car.”

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