Five Tips for Freshman and Senior Buddies

By: Caroline Jobson

Looking to become closer with your Freshman or Senior Buddy? Check out these tips to expand your friendship!


  1. Make an effort to say hi in the hallways. If you see your Freshman or Senior Buddy pass by, smile or wave. If you have a couple minutes to spare, try to start a conversation and ask how their day has been.


  1. Have a basic meet and greet. Asking questions similar to the following – “When is your birthday?” or “Do you have any siblings?”, “How long have you been attending HB?”, or “What is your favorite treat from Starbucks?” — can help you two become acquainted. In addition, knowing your Buddy’s birthday and favorite Starbucks treat may be useful later on if you ever feel like gifting them a personalized surprise.


  1. Find out their interests. If you both share common passions, extracurriculars, or even classes, use this as common ground for you two to break the ice.


  1. Reflect on past or current teachers you both have in common. Exchange tips and tricks to help each other do the best in each class.


  1. Most importantly, try to keep in frequent contact with your buddy. Even greeting each other in the hallway every so often will help to keep this bond. As an added bonus, not neglecting your Freshman or Senior buddy will most likely result in random gifts and surprises during chaotic times — Midterms, Finals, APs — and a new friend!




Photo Source: Youtube