By: Kavya Menon


We returned from our restful and relaxing summers to find some incredible new snacks in the Brown Bag. Actual chips, and not the baked stuff they used to try and give us, trail mix (I still consider them to be M&M’s with obstacles, but we’ll take what we can get), Nutri-grain bars, and Cheese-its, just to name a few. I think we can all agree, however, that the Brown Bag snack that has absolutely rocked the HB world is the Nutella! This sweetened hazelnut spread is a favorite of almost everybody who tries it. It is absolutely delicious! However, the one downside to the packets of Nutella spread is the odd cracker-type things that are being sold with them. They are downright repulsive. Additionally, this wonderful snack is slightly overpriced. It is highly recommended that you plan ahead if you want to purchase Nutella–instead of relying on the weird cracker-sticks, bring something else to go with the Nutella. Either that, or just bring a spoon and eat it by itself–don’t let the weird cracker-sticks ruin your Nutella. Happy Shopping!



Photo Source: Giphy

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