By: Savannah O’Sickey


Each year at the Hath, more steps are put into place to enforce the dress code. This year, the ante has been upped to a Saturday detention following three points. However, it is still safe to say that a day does not go by that an HB girl is not wearing a pair of black, zipper free leggings or a sweatshirt with a logo that resembles nothing close to the legendary HB lantern. So the question remains, why do people still continue to break the dress code? With the rules clearly in place, I decided to ask some students (whose names will remain anonymous) why they decide to break dress code and risk receiving a dreaded Saturday detention.


Here is what Student #1 had to say:

“I break dress code because I want to wear the clothes that I feel the most confident in and I feel I look the best in. When I feel good about myself, I find that I work better, and get better grades. So yes, I sometimes walk about the school shoulders out and skirt too short, but I feel great and I’m doing great. Plus sometimes the rebel inside of me wants to protest the no shoulder rule.”


Student #2:

“In my opinion, dress codes are important. They teach responsibility. But I won’t lie–I, like many other students, am not afraid to break dress code on days when there is too much stress to worry about what I’m wearing to school. I usually do it unintentionally. For example, sometimes I wake up late and the leggings are the most accessible. However, some days it’s intentional, breaking dress code because it’s a Friday, yet I still make sure I look appropriate. I believe you can break dress code and still look successful and well put together. The problem is people abuse the dress code and don’t attempt looking nice when out of dress code.”


Overall, there seems to be a general consensus that breaking dress code does not need to mean dressing in sweatpants and college crewnecks. Instead, students seem to break dress code by wearing clothes that make them feel good and fashionable. However, let’s not forget that there is a certain teacher (whose sword can swing in your direction and long legs can easily catch a culprit) that will mark you down if she sees you out of dress code. With that said, I believe it is best to stay in dress code, but if you really desire to be a rebel and risk the mortification of receiving a point, then it is up to you whether or not you want abide by the rules.



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