The Girl Who Wants to Get Into College (But Won’t Stress About It)

By The Girl Who

College applications are just around the corner, and for those seniors out there, nothing is more scary than knowing that in less than one month your future could be set. So, because of this, I have some advice for everyone who is stressed and obsessed about college.

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For the Freshman and Sophomores, do not be deterred if you are 100% positive that senior is death glaring you down the hallway. She probably isn’t. Right now seniors are not in their happiest place. Therefore if you see them around school looking like death, they aren’t really that scary. Well, at least most of them aren’t. Either way, move out of their way and let them pass with as little trouble as possible. They will remember that when they wake up in the middle of November from college paralysis.

For the Juniors, I know you are attending meetings with the college reps from different schools, but remember that as important and life changing as it feels for you today, it really isn’t. If you accidentally miss a college rep from your favorite school of all times, don’t cry. They will most likely be back next year and at the one million college fairs you will no doubt be attending. College seems like a pressing situation, but you still have a few more months to prepare yourself.

And now for the seniors: I have one word for you guys. RESPECT. First semester senior year is the hardest thing you will most likely encounter, and the fact that you are almost halfway done is beyond impressive. Keep moving forward because you can do it. There is definitely a light at the end of this tunnel. At this point you know your top choice schools. And here is the real game changer: make sure your top choice schools know you. Go to the college fairs and see the reps at their tables, go to their meetings in the college office, and above all ALWAYS introduce yourself by name. After the college meetings, go up the rep and say, “Hi. My name is… and I have a question about your school (which I love).”

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Make sure you seem relatable, amiable, excited, and just an all around nice person. Don’t be modest but don’t be conceited. State your achievements for what they truly are and don’t shortchange yourself. Also, don’t forget to do your research. If you ask a quality question that is unique to your desires, they will remember you in a better light than if you ask, what state is this college in again? These are the people who are reading your application. Make sure they know you better than just on paper. If you are applying Early Decision or Early Action, your time is coming up. Step one: Don’t freak out! When writing your essays, don’t try and put as many words down on the paper as possible because you know you need to get it done. If it doesn’t represent you, then either you won’t get into the college you wanted, or you will but it turns out that maybe that college isn’t the best fit for you after all. I am a strong believer in what happens will happen and there is nothing you can do about it once it does. No matter how hard you try and how great you look on paper, you might not be what that college is looking for. It has nothing to do with you because, with twenty thousand other applicants, colleges can choose their students however they want to regardless of how smart or qualified they are. Maybe your top choice isn’t the best fit for you, and by not getting in, it is a blessing in disguise. What ever college you go to, you will no doubt succeed. It is what you do with the education and the degree, not where you get it.


-The Girl Who Wants to Get Into College (but won’t stress about it)

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