Fall Fashion: Do’s and Don’t’s

By Molly Coughlin

DON’T: Flip Flops. I now they’re easy to throw on on your way out but summers over

and it’s time to cover up those toes. Think of it this way, no need to have perfectly

pedicured toes anymore!

DO: Khaki, camel, and beige. Give the harsh dark colors like navy and black a break

this fall and go for more earthy tones and neutrals.

DON’T: Don’t forget about the dress code in all of your fashion endeavors; while it may

be comfortable, is it really worth that point?

DO: Leopard print accessories. Just don’t overdo it–less is more.

DON’T: Don’t forget to dress with personality. Everyone has their own style and that’s

what makes fashion interesting and fun!

DO: Classic prints. Fall is a great time to bring out that plaid or houndstooth piece that’s hanging in the closet.

DON’T: Don’t forget to grab a jacket or sweater on your way out. Fall is the transition into winter which means it is going to be cold, and a runny nose isn’t a good accessory on anyone.

DO: Layer. Layers add both warmth and interest to an outfit.

DON’T: Don’t be afraid to try some new trends this fall and to have fun with your wardrobe!

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