Featured Club: Young Politicians

By Anna Lietman and Evie Schumann

On Tuesday, we had the privilege of interviewing Izzy Catanzaro (grade 11), one of the leaders of Young Politicians. Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to speak with fellow co-president Katie McCarthy (11) and vice president Aarathi Sahadevan (11). Following in her sister’s footsteps, Izzy has been a member of this club since her freshman year, with hopes to pursue politics as a potential future career. As Izzy explains, contrary to popular belief, members are not required to strongly affiliate with a political party, and the club strives to maintain a healthy balance by electing one republican and one democrat as presidents. She urges you to join if you want to seem smart when talking about politics, while also claiming your “reputation is on the line.” This club can help students figure out what they believe rather than simply adopting the political views of their parents. Here’s some of Izzy’s insight on YP:

Mission Statement: Educate the public about current political issues and foster friendly debates.

Was Clubs Fair successful? Yes, although I’m pretty sure most people just signed up for the cookies. I was standing there, and this freshman (who clearly doesn’t understand that a club isn’t actually a commitment) comes up, makes eye contact with me, swipes a cookie, quickly stuffs it in her mouth, and then sprints off into the distance. But I saw her do it and told her she could take one in the first place so it was completely unnecessary.

What are some of your main goals/aspirations for your club this year? Increased membership, for sure. We want people to realize it’s not as nerdy as it sounds. We hope to get cool, FRIENDLY (not insane) debates going on. Can you tell I feel really cool right now?

Why should we join your club? People always complain about how they don’t understand politics so we can help you seem more intelligent than you really are!!! Also, my mom will make more cookies like the delicious ones at clubs fair. Have you ever had her snickerdoodles? And to have your voice heard. *under her breath* some less than others.

Do you feel you have a shared passion/special intimate relationship with members? Not intimate relationship because that’s kinda creepy. Shared passion, yes. I hope some people who join are really interested in politics—D.C., man, that’s where it’s at.

Do you consider yourself and your fellow club members a gang/cult? We’d like it to be. More of a gang than a cult. Without violence.

Any initiation process? No, but I will totally look into that. Maybe we will make people name presidents and every time they get one wrong I’ll squirt them with water.

How do you feel your club is perceived by other members of the HB community? They think it’s super nerdy but I promise you it’s not! I had so many people come up and say, “What club is this?” “Young Politicians.” “What do you do?” “Talk about current world issues.” “Uhhhh… can I have a cookie?” *walks away, crushing my spirits*

How do you react when members have very opposing views? I’m completely open to it. I think it’s good because hearing both sides actually helps strengthen your own argument (shout out to They Say I Say/Parsons). But if they convey it rudely then that just makes me angry.

Does your club broach or avoid touchy subjects? Wait what does broach mean? *approach* Oh, okay, then most definitely broach.

How do you feel that your club can make a difference when members are too young to actually vote? Educating members to be an informed voter when the time comes. We’re working on getting some Ohio politicians to come and speak. I emailed Chris Christie. I am constantly contacting his office even if they have yet to respond.

Anything else you want to share about your club, yourself, politics etc? Myself? I think I’m incredible. Politics? It’s such a toxic subject but it’s actually really interesting and a way for people to communicate their ideas and better the nation.

If you’re interested in hearing more, don’t hesitate to come to a meeting, starting next Friday, and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for their morning meeting slide featuring an impressive array of politicians invited1 to HB. Check out their twitter and facebook pages as well.
1Though we’re doubtful Obama will visit, Izzy’s hopes remain high.

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