Featured Fiction: B. Furlich

You Wish (inspired by Allen Ginsberg’s Howl)

By: Brady Furlich

Time wasted, soap spilled, nude not naked

we try to be sophisticated,

tumbling down barrels of blue monkey chirps never read,

we who dream of Kimye not world peace,

who say “Yes All Women” meaning “No All Men,”

who falter in pits of Oedipean despair, soccer moms of Honda Odysseys ignoring

Telemachi of our time,

who gravitate levitate meditate mediate with coffee stained yoga mats sweaty

with fear of lust and Arabian knights,

who listen to horrors of home women child until dead batteries boring bring down

skyscrapers of minds to where they belong with silent sirens of Suburbian

lawns,garden hose pools drying up wishes,

who L-O-L W-T-F H-M-U chained to colored Pandora’s boxes,

who list endlessly snow stars sun sand summer sorrow solitude

as Dick and Jane yell one room over

as miniature Arab Springs sink from attic to basement and back

as suitcases fill with clothes absent of memories,

who idle behind eighteen wheelers, behind misspelled celestial dollars cold from


who ate dandelion seeds in attempts to grow weed

who know of a colorful promiscuous man named Roy G. Biv but only have met

Oy Bi,

bared their bodies to B

dreamed, daring of Y and I,

the onset of O is harder to comprehend for us as pride affects us all,

who friendzone, ignore war zones, rattle old bones

for fear of response! solitude! regret! back talk!

who read Gatsby to calm themselves in the nighttime with their own damn green

lights, in fear of the top one’s crashing ideas and stealing life and blood red


who read Howl to remind them that they are the angelheaded hipsters even

though they stick to heroin flavored maple syrup like flies,

who tell themselves that Westboro isn’t that bad,

kidnapping only happens on the silver screen,

FOX News is an accurate source of information,

Gaza is really far away,

when really it’s just a ten hour plane ride from dead backyards tacked streetlights

missing bitches four legged two legged hollowed hearts.

Life after death does not exist – not without army drafts black cats machine gun fire love.

Photo Source:  http://sites.psu.edu/fxb5063english15a001/wp-content/uploads/sites/9218/2014/02/ONotkiL.jpg