By: Alley Keresztesy

The senior room, moved last year from the back of the student center to the grotto, remains a mystery to many underclassmen. Although more underclassmen have been in the secretive room than seniors may want to admit, the privilege of having a designated area for seniors remains an aspiration for every upper school grade. Few details are known about this reserved area. However, those who have yet to lay eyes on the sacred space have their own ideas of what could be in there.


“I think the senior room might be like a news room because Ron Burgundy is in there watching everyone. Also, I think the seniors are hiding all of the oatmeal chocolate chip bars that the dining hall staff serves for breakfast because I haven’t seen them in a while….”

“I’m guessing there’s like green bean bag chairs and green lockers. I bet there’s another cut-out of Theo James. There’s probably mug shots of them on the wall.”

giphy (4)


“I think of the senior room as party central. The senior room is where homework goes to die while the seniors blast music and make popcorn while doing senior-y things and eating their endless supply of food.”

giphy (5)


“I find the senior room to be a dark cave from which seniors emerge sensitive to light and the smiles of freshmen after completing the common app and failing to keep up with school work.”

What’s really in there? You might never know until senior year. (:


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