By: Catherine Mullen

  1. We can leave school during the day. Who can say that they went out to breakfast, came back for calculus, took some pictures in photo, and then went to lunch at Panera all in a matter of 2.5 hours and in the middle of the school day? Just make sure to have all your college forms in ☺                                              4
  2. The Senior Room – We have a fridge, microwave, and couches to sit on! Also there’s a white board and those are just fun to write on.
  3. 3 Cool College Counselors – We have the best college counselors in the game! They are here to help with anything at anytime of day (plus the candy in the college office is pretty good too).
  4. The Senior Lot – No more parking on the street for us! (Well as long as you get to school by 7 AM)
  5. We’ve known the teachers for all 4 years, so we are the teachers’ favorites (they just won’t admit it). It’s nice to know that they will miss us when we are gone.
  6. Homecoming – Hail The Queens. We rocked homecoming this year (and we know you all agree).
  7. Carnival – Finally it’s our time to do the skits, the theme, you name it (plus it’s a great excuse for not having to do the 5k with your parents!).
  8. We have a real excuse to cut the lunch line… when we are actually there for lunch.
  9. We get to end school in May – but don’t worry, that’s after we have written 1500 theses, applied to all 8 ivies and gotten into 9 and achieved 6.0 GPA’s ☺
  10. It’s our last year at HB which means we will make it the BYE.                         5