The Girl Who…Remembers Being the New Kid

By: The Girl Who

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, a new school year is just that: new. Everything from the drink options to the new teachers between the time you bid farewell to the halls of the Hath in June to the time you greet them again in August. Everyone is a little rusty from the summer. Since we are all basically new, I have some general advice for a successful school year.

At the beginning of the year, try to keep your hopes up. Do your homework and study for your tests and try to leave the procrastination to at LEAST second quarter. Here is a little piece of complete truth: first quarter is hard. I’m talking waking-up-at-6am-in-dead-winter level of difficulty here, people. There is no time to slack off (especially for you, lovely seniors), because after the first quarter the monotony will only get harder.


Now is the time to take control of each class and get to know the teachers, their writing styles, and the types of tests they will give you. However, while you are juggling all the issues of the new school year, remember the first few tests are just to get your feet under you. If you aren’t acing everything that hits your fingertips then it’s OKAY. There is absolutely no need to get overwhelmed this close to summer. You have the whole year ahead of you! There’s no need to freak out over the little things. School is obviously important (or we wouldn’t be obligated by law to go to it), but it doesn’t need to be life draining. Try to find the balance between fun and work.

Alright you guys, here is the public service announcement that I am sure you hear seventy times a day: DON’T PROCRASTINATE.

giphy (2)

Yes, look who is talking, the queen of procrastination (seriously do you think colleges will accept that on my resume?) but it gives way to the least desired effects in the history of the world (which you would probably know if you were brushing up on AP World instead of marathoning Pretty Little Liars). Procrastination, take it from an expert, is basically filling a swimming pool with sand. Yeah, it’s awesome and hilarious, but nothing good ever comes from it. The short-term pleasure will be outlived, so it’s not even worth it.

Walking down the halls of the Hath can be a traumatic experience, especially when people refuse to open the second door or randomly stop in the middle of the hall. Quick pointer that will most likely change your relationship with every student in the immediate vicinity: DO NOT BLOCK THE HALLWAY. Never. Ever.

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Under any circumstance. Unless your backpack has spontaneously spewed your homework across the floor like confetti, there are very few excuses that will save you from the vicious pit of late students. And with that, keep your head up everyone, watch where you are walking, smile at the frazzled freshman in the hallways, and turn your homework in on time! Really, that’s all you need to get through four years of high school.

–The Girl Who Remembers Being The New Kid

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