Teacher’s Pet Peeves About Students *we’re sorry*

By: Molly Sharpe

Last week, I asked some of your favorite teachers, “What is your biggest pet peeve about students?” and this is what they said:

Don Southard: “My biggest pet peeve about students is asking questions that were just answered two minutes ago because they weren’t listening.”

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Mr. Hoffman: “Let me put it in a somewhat positive way, and that is that I really love it when students participate in class discussions. Often time, my students do that, but sometimes they don’t and I think it’s because they are too shy. I would really love it if they all could talk. So it’s not exactly a peeve, but it’s an encouragement to open up this whole new side of their personalities.”

Mr. Purpura:  “There are several pet peeves: not pushing in chairs…. The top pet peeve: not cleaning up after oneself in the dining hall.”

Mr. Parsons (rambling): “I’ve been thinking about this all day, here’s what I’ve come to: I really have no pet peeves because that would mean some instinctive things that just annoy me. Also, you’re all better people than I was when I was younger, probably, so that tends to make me more forgiving in general. I try not to be too judgmental…. I would like it if people were more driven by genuine intellectual curiosity than trying to sort of get good grades and get into college…. OR it would generally be cool if [they weren’t as stressed]… Yanno, my pet peeve is myself!… Nothing annoys me!… Sometimes I wish we were more socially mindful… (After talking for 10 minutes, I have concluded Mr. Parsons is, for the most part, un-peeved, although abandoned candy wrappers sometimes irritate him.)

Mr. Christ:  “It is such an amazing student body that I am un-peeved!”

Mr. Vogel:  “For the most part, I have no pet peeves about students; I adore them in my class. HOWEVER, I will concur with Mr. Purpura that seeing a messy dining hall after the students leave drives me crazy.”

Ms. Gordon:   “Pet peeves about students: Leaving class and not returning!”

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Ms. Johnston:  “A pet peeve I have, although I love and adore all the students here, is when they don’t hold the door for their fellow classmates or other adults in the building. I think that’s a common courtesy and I wish more people would do it. #RAKE”

Mr. Hatcher: “A pet peeve… So many to count… I’m not sure if I can give you just one… When it is obvious that students are just making up excuses for either not turning work in or having work be late rather than just being honest about that.”

Ms. Patton:“The fuzzies that hang off when you rip pages out are the DEVIL!”

Mr. Hatcher (again): “When students start packing up before the bell rings.”

Señora Butcher:“One of my biggest pet peeves is when students come in with their phones and they just sit down and look at their phone and they’re working with their phones instead of doing what they’re supposed to be doing which is posted on the board!”

Ms. Krist: “Two of my biggest pet peeves are when students write in pencil on quizzes, and tests, and homework, and when they leave all the ripped things on the end of the paper: that drives me bonkers!”

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Mr. Ciuni: “I don’t know if anything really irritates me. I don’t have a pet peeve because you’re young people; you’re even more imperfect than an imperfect adult. Aren’t we all annoying in some way or another? You all are who you are.”


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