By: Sunny Roy

As school starts up and the homework load already becomes unbearable, the athletes of our school have another thing to worry about: their rivals. This deep history of battle and the strife to win is on the minds of all. Years of preparation and years of the ugly hatred has made the rivalries last to this day. Rumors of rival schools hating on HB and doing mean-spirited things shouldn’t encourage us to do the same, but play it out on the field. Whether it be to #BEATSHAKER or to #BEATHAWKEN, the entire school should rally behind the athletic spirit of our beloved Hath. Here’s the lowdown on the rivalries of the fall sports so that whenever you see an athlete in the hallway on that very important #GAMEDAY, you will know what’s up. Give that girl a high-five or a special nod saying that “we are behind you in this endeavor” to let them know that you are their mind. Or better yet, let’s ATTEND MORE GAMES to support our fellow #BLAZERS. Best of luck to our fall athletes, blaze on!


RIVALS (just so we’re all generally smarter about athletics at HB)


Soccer: Chagrin, Laurel, Beaumont


Field Hockey: Shaker, Hudson


Cross Country: Beaumont, Magnificat, Laurel


Tennis: Laurel, Orange, Walsh Jesuit, Magnificat
Golf: Hawken, NDCL, Walsh Jesuit…..Katie McCarthy says that the golf team is up and coming!! watch out for these girls

Game Schedules can be found here.

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