By: Jordan Doak

Here is a list of what money can get you if you have a job in the short term:

  • Clothes (for school, homecoming, shoes…)
  • Movie tickets (you don’t want to have to miss that new movie that came out for financial reasons or be financially dependent on your man friend)
  • Fun snacks that your parents refuse to buy for you anymore (i.e. fruit snacks of any sort)
  • Dinner/lunch with (special) friends

Fun things money can get you in the long run…

  • Summer concert tickets (make it to Blossom more than once this summer!)
  • Plane tickets (we all have that friend/family member/significant other that we don’t see enough)
  • Save for college!! (it seems silly now, but down the road it can be guaranteed that you’ll be happy to have some money tucked away for visits or otherwise)
  • Save it (for the day when you see that one thing you absolutely have to have but your parents will say no to).

As HB girls, we don’t have a whole lot of extra time on our hands – there’s always homework, sports, clubs, and plays that all require huge time commitments. Although it is possible to make time for friends if one gets creative, most, if not all of us are convinced of the fact that there isn’t time for everything we want to do in any given week. So how could a Hathaway Brown student have time for a job?

The first step would be eliminating all the time you spend texting, on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Buzzfeed, etcetera. If we could make minimum wage on the time we were procrastinating we would all be rich. If you read that and think that you are not a bad procrastinator, you definitely have time for a job. The second step goes with the first: manage your time and prioritize! Do the homework due the next day before long-term assignments and studying. Don’t plan on studying for several hours the night before a test. Do get ahead on work when you don’t have plans. Don’t plan to get ahead on work then sit in the Student Center and talk to your friends instead. There are little things that can be done to really open up time for something more productive like earning money to spend on more fun things.

Having your own money and being financially self-sufficient is a good feeling. And, from experience, I can say that having a job is very doable. Do you think you don’t have time because of your uncharacteristically difficult workload? There was a piece in our very own Retrospect this year by a girl who worked standard hours at Mitchell’s and now goes to WashU in St. Louis, or there is a girl who worked at CVS who now goes to Northwestern. I also have a brilliant friend who scoops ice cream at the Popcorn Shop, a socially active friend working at Panera, and I myself work two half-time-part-time jobs, refereeing soccer and helping with HB’s own After School Club.

Having a job doesn’t necessarily mean making minimum wage or working regular hours. Babysitting and other odd jobs work. In the class of 2015 alone, there is a jewelry maker on Etsy, a baker who was featured in Cleveland Magazine, and an artist who sells her own photographs. You will find that you do in fact have time for whatever commitment you sign up for whether this means working standard shifts, working after school during the week, refereeing anything on Saturday mornings, babysitting one or two nights a week, or starting a business and holding your own hours. The benefits outweigh the costs easily and when it comes to being financially responsible, we all secretly have the time.