HB Girl’s Guide: Lunch Time

By: Regan Brady and Lina Ghosh

I’m sitting on the edge of my seat (strategically placed near the door) in my X period class. It’s 12:59 and I’m staring at the clock as its hands tick around for the last time before – *ding*.  After saying a quick thank you to my teacher, I’m flying out of the door and plummeting down the hallway to probably my most favorite place in the school: the dining hall. Having looked up the menu in the special folder I created on my phone for my September lunch screenshots, I can practically hear the cheesy fettuccine calling my name from the servery.  Unfortunately my food fantasies are quite short-lived. In front of me are masses of people packed into almost every corner of the room. The cries of my fettuccine are drowned by the chitchat of the students perusing their options for the day. Because the lines are impossibly long, I decide that just for today I will forgo my divine pasta. I turn around and walk straight into a middle schooler carrying two cups of chocolate milk which are now located on my brand new white shirt. After reassuring the student that accidents happen, I venture on to the soup area managing to scrape a few noodles and chunks of chicken from the bottom of the pot into my bowl. My next stop is the oh-so-reliable salad bar, which is located right in the middle of the chaos that the HB servery is. I get a few greens on my plate in an attempt to be healthy and duck under several upperclassmen to get to the end of the bar for my silverware. Feeling a sense of accomplishment and giving myself a mental pat on the back,, I pause and look for the forks with a sinking feeling in my stomach, as I remember that they are located on the other side of the salad bar. I dodge between bodies and backpacks, resurfacing a few minutes later with a few bruises and a silver fork held triumphantly in my hand. Someone stops me on my wait out exclaiming that they hadn’t seen me all year (it was the third day of school), and honestly all I’m thinking about right now is how I really just want some flavored water to go with my lunch. The conversation ends on account of my grumbling stomach and I finally make it to the lunch table just as my friends are getting up to leave because class starts in five minutes. We’ve probably all experienced this lunchtime nightmare in part at our time in HB! Here are some tips to get yourself in and out of the lunchroom as fast as possible!

1) Get to lunch at odd times: don’t come right at 12:45 or at 1:00 (if you’re free)! To avoid the crowd arrive at approximately 12:50 before any food runs out or your friends leave.

2) Grab silverware as you’re waiting in a long line for an entree (it makes the whole process a lot easier), or grab it BEFORE making your salad at the salad bar.

3) If it’s especially crowded, exit the servery through the doors leading to the atrium and walk into the cafeteria via the doors by the café tables.


5) Jump in a line and decide what you want later (with the quality of lunches this year, its likely that you’re going to get something you’ll like)!

6) (Only in desperate situations) If there happen to be a few areas in the line where people are very involved with their conversations and obviously don’t want their lunch as badly as you, mesh in with the crowd and pretend you were there all along!

7) If you want to get fruit with your lunch (to cancel out the pizza, obviously), try to head over to the fruit section first, as the selection of exotic fruits like Plumcots will run out quickly.

8) Keep a few spare dollars in your backpack so that if worst comes to worst and you just can’t get any food in the cafeteria, you can head over to the Brown Bag and indulge in some Nutella.