Hatch #2?

By: Faith Griggs

Earlier this month I interviewed one of HB’s favorite English teachers, Mr. Hatcher, about a very exciting development. His wife is pregnant with their second child, and is due later this year! The baby’s gender will be a surprise for the two. Since Mr. Hatcher neglected to relay this news to his beloved mentor group before spreading the word in the student center, I demanded an interview. The interview took place in the Writing Center, so Parsons decided to be a real bro and help answer a few questions as well.

Q: So you and your wife are expecting another child! When’s the due date?

A: December 17th.

Q: What names do you have in mind if the baby is a boy? Girl? Why these names?

A: We’re pretty confident if the baby is a girl she will be named Zora. She would be named after my favorite author, and its unique. I’ll have babies named from A to Z. For a boy, we’re thinking about Quinton, though we’re not quite sure of spelling yet.

Q: Who’s reaction to the news was the most memorable so far?

A: That’s a good question. I think, Niasha screamed when I told her about it, so that was pretty memorable. Everyone’s been very excited about it but I can’t seem to remember anyone being really crazy. (He later amended that he wasn’t sure if Niasha screamed at all, but she was certainly very excited)

Q: Have you told Ada? How has she reacted?

A: Yes, she’s been excited! We don’t think she understands 100%, but she knows there’s a baby in mommy’s belly and she asks for a brother or sister. She talks to mommy’s belly, but I’m not sure she quite understands everything.

Q: Do you think Ada will be a welcoming older sister or a little jealous?

A: She’ll be a great older sibling. She’s very mature for her age.

Parsons: I think if she could she would devour her sibling in the womb.

Hatcher: Don’t listen to him. She likes to share and she’s very friendly. She’ll be great older sibling to have.

Q: I know this is early, but do you have any joint Halloween costumes in mind for Ada and the new baby?

A: I have not thought about that yet…

Me: This is such a good opportunity though! I will get back to you on that.

Q: What are you looking forward to most once the baby arrives? Anything you are looking forward the least?

A: Least would be the sleepless nights for the couple nights.

Parsons: I’m looking forward to him stumbling like drunk zombie through the halls.

Hatcher: I’m really looking forward to holding baby and meeting him or her for first time.

Q: Are you going to have a little party here at HB to celebrate?

A: Maybe I will. It would be open invitation. Ada will be there, Parsons might be invited, and I’d bring the baby in so everyone can check them out.

Q: Anything else you’d like to say before the excitement really starts?

A: Look out HB here come Hatch #2

Once the interview was over, Parsons continued on, and told me that my journalism was too soft. He suggested that I start a rumor about Mr. Hatcher.