By: Maggie Amjad and Isha Lele

It’s a new school year and upperclassmen you know what that means… a new round of freshman to push down in the halls. Congrats on doing a great job in the past years of traumatizing us little ones, but this year you better hit the gym and gain some serious arm strength. There is an overwhelming 109 of us; meaning more nudges to give and more people to complain about.  Even though we put on brave faces, the biggest freshman class in HB history is completely terrified to say the least.

10. Teachers: Teachers were one of the biggest highlights of middle school. They offered help, were easy to approach, and even gave us study guides! Not ones we were forced to make, but ones they made for us. Many freshmen were worried about getting bad teachers or not being able to receive extra help. We have all heard the stories about the teachers sleeping over at the school just to make our life even more intense, creating more and more essay topics and choosing more Shakespeare novels to read. They are constantly in our nightmares and the hot topics of our conversations but after spending approximately three weeks in the upper school, we all see that it was probably the most unnecessary fear ever. Teachers offer help and extra times to meet in practically all our classes. They are willing help us become successful in school and are dedicated to their students.

  1. Making Friends: Ok, real talk. Neither of us may be new this year, but learning 40 new students names and faces has been a challenge. We can only imagine how new girls are feeling. For a class that has been so close and bonded together, making new friends for many of us did not seem like an option. Both of us, being new students in the past, know that awkward feeling of not seeing any familiar faces. Playing a fall sport and other freshman orientations was a great way to meet new people and ease first day frights. For new girls who are still struggling socially, be patient, it might take a while but we promise you eventually will find your perfect group of friends. Until then, talk to different people, be yourself and always know you are welcome to sit with anyone at lunch, during classes and free periods. Also try to get to know returning students too, we are always happy to put a name to a face. Returning students, it never hurts to have more friends and new girls, us returning HB girls (usually) don’t bite.


  1. Lack of Sleep: This five letter word seems to be on my mind every second of the day. S L E E P. Whether we are eating chips and salsa or playing review jeopardy (I know, the freshmen life is tough), my mind subconsciously travels back to my bed. No matter what time I go to sleep, each Monday seems to be more painful than the last, and being dragged out of bed at 6:00am seems less appealing everyday. The key is to get on a steady sleep schedule and staying to it (not that either of us would know.)


  1. Making a fool of ourselves: From falling up the stairs in our flip flops or being the girl with the stinky Uggs, the embarrassments never end. Being a freshman is like living under a microscope, everyone, and I mean everyone, is watching and laughing at every single one of your moves, at least that’s what it feels like. Whether you sit at the atrium tables or go near the locker sections not designated to freshmen, I assure that you it will feel like you are being judged.


  1. Dress Code: We have all heard stories of Saturday detentions and supervised lunches due to Mrs. Day. Sometimes looking cute isn’t gonna cut it and leggings are the only appealing thing in our closets. I say we come together and buy a fresh pair of Lulu’s for each teacher, and maybe they will finally understand our fetish once they see how comfortable they are. Don’t feel excluded male teachers- you are the sane ones that don’t call us out on it anyway.


  1. Being in a class with older girls: Hola, me llamo Maggie and I’m not saying a word of my butchered version of Spanish in front of the sophomores that make up over half of my class. No, Mr. Hovan, I don’t know what X equals, I mean I probably do, but that junior that hasn’t put her hand down will definitely have a better guess. Whether you are in math, language, or even science with us, you guys do not understand how intimmidating it is to sit in class next to you and try to keep up.


  1. Getting lost: Walking around the Hath for the first time can be a tad bit scary. Three separate but attached buildings, various hallways and a large athletic center make up our beautiful campus. It’s easy to be looking at your phone and walk through the hall, only to look up a few minutes later and realize you have no idea where you are. Don’t worry it happens to all of us. I have lost count of the times I mean to go to the Prime, but ended up at the gym because I wasn’t paying attention.


  1. Homework: Who else heard the insane rumors of no sleep and hours among hours of homework with no end? Sure we get a lot, but time management and hard work pays off. Yes, the English Department (I’m talking to you Mr.Ciuni) can tone it down a bit, but we have no control of those essay-loving, book junkies. If I get one more syllabus I may explode, and that’s a warning. But with the help of our fabulous HB teachers, there are a thousands ways to get our homework done, but remember, as Mr. Hoffman always says, plagiarizing is not one of them!


  1. Lunch: Going to lunch is an advanture within itself. With the biggest high school population in HB history and only 12 pieces of pizza every 5 minutes, surviving is a bigger priority than eating. Different foods, cool drinks, but just be aware of the tables, which is the second biggest fear. Accidently sitting at senior and junior tables is a top fear and after a few weeks of school us freshman have began to figure out which tables are taken. So forgive us if your favorite table was snatched, we will try not to do it again.


  1. Upperclassmen:  Have you, seniors, looked in the mirror lately? You have mastered high school (at least it seems like it), heck you even figured out how to wear leggings without getting caught by Ms. Day! Please share your tricks. we are just trying to walk fast enough in the halls for our own safety. Remember what it was like to be a freshman; maybe you could give us a little break. We are still used to reigning as queens in the middle school!

This years biggest freshman fears may seem like a joke to all you experienced upperclassmen but lending a hand every once and a while never hurt anyone. As for the current freshman, hang in there and just avoid all things listed above. But in all honesty, we only have 4 years, so its time to conquer our fears just in time to survive Upper School.


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