Blazer is the New Black

By: Caroline Jobson

Cracking down on students is the newly revised penal system. While in past years a Saturday detention required a total of nine points, this year a mere three points will land offenders in the hot seat. Shrunk by a factor of three, the newly revised detention system seeks to discipline students who have committed the following violations: cutting a class, arriving to school late, breaking dress code, and failing to leave book bags and other materials out of trafficked pathways. In addition, the newly revised system includes a strict three hour Saturday detention set from 8-11 AM, requiring that students notify Ms. Godshall two days in advance, in writing, if they are unable attend. Even so, students may only delay a Saturday detention once a year. Having both costs and benefits, the newly revised detention system is both justified and, of course, harsh. As told by junior Maaryah Malik, “It’s definitely a good move given all the dress code violations last year. But I can’t say I’m too happy seeing as traffic and bad weather make it so easy to arrive to school late. It just seems like it will be easier this year to accumulate points for things that happen unintentionally like running into bad traffic and weather or misplacing items.”

Given this stricter detention system in place, here are a few tips on how to entirely avoid the point system.

  1. If you sense that you will be late, make an effort to arrive earlier. Prepare for the day the night before, that way you’ll save time and be out the door much earlier.
  2. If you find yourself reaching for a pair of leggings, try to find an alternative. At the very least, avoid Ms. Day.
  3. Make sure to leave your belongings out of harm’s way. Not only will your items not be moved, but you will also not be given a point.