Real Conversations with Real People, year 2

By: Li Stebner

Twelve fifteen rolls around on a Tuesday or Thursday and you can be sure that the lunch line in the cafeteria will be missing at least fifty people. These fifty people can be found enjoying wraps or pizza catered to Mr. Parsons room along with a fascinating side show from a teacher. Questions are asked and the back story of your English or Math teachers are revealed in Mr. Parsons’s discussions with real people. There are so many people filled into his small room that we are crammed in the minute corners of the room with our plates in hand, waiting to hear what interesting life KP might live, or to find out how the HBabies are doing. How about the continuation of the chat this year though? I asked Mr. Parsons some questions to find out what is in store for the 2014-2015 year!

Question: Will you countinue the lunch discussions this year?

Answer: Definitely yes! This lunch series has been one of my favorite programs. Ms. Armstrong has cool ideas about running a series of talks on a specific subject. I know that after Mr. Hoffman’s talk, I wanted a whole series of people talking about a favorite album. Or work of art. Or whatever.

Question: Will they be on the same days?

Answer: I’m not sure. We will probably space them out more and do just one a week throughout the year.

Question: Are the speakers still a surprise?

Answer: Yes — we’ll hold on to the element of surprise. To me that’s important because the whole series is not about any one personality but the idea of community.

Question: Will it still only be teachers leading the discussions?

Answer: Yes and no. Ms. Shah has some great ideas about a parallel program that engages students in real conversation, too.

Question: Will you join in and be the lunch speaker yourself?

Answer: Yes, I’ll stumble and sweat my way though one….

Question: Is there anyone you would like to thank?

Answer: I really want to thank Ms McMillan for coming up with this brilliant idea. I have learned so much about my colleagues and in doing so felt a deeper sense of connection to the students in attendance. Also a major shout out to the sophomore class, who really helped make these such a thriving and dynamic thing.