By Gigi Protasiewicz

With this year’s Strnad assembly just having happened, I know next year’s projects are quite far from anyone’s mind. However, as always, there are many excellent projects for next year, and here is a brief preview of some of them.

Lauren Kahn – Painting with Fire
For her Strnad project, Lauren will work throughout the year with Amy Green (a jewelry specialist at the Cleveland Institute of Art) to learn the techniques of enameling, the process of fusing glass to metal, and metalworking. The final product of this will either be a large sculpture or a jewelry collection.

Dana Mietus – Experiencing the Guqin
Incorporating her love of both music and Chinese culture, Dana will be learning how to play a traditional Chinese instrument called the Guzheng and studying the history behind it. The project will conclude with her performing the pieces she learned (and one that she will write) at her senior recital.

Jordan Purpura – Feathered
Jordan will be writing and illustrating a non-fiction book about birds, which will cover topics such as the evolution, anatomy, and life cycle of birds.

Teresa Iemma and Malina Papanikolaou – What is a Blazer?
Teresa and Malina will be designing the HB mascot and a spirit item for their project. They will conduct surveys and learn tactics to market the school correctly with the mascot, and ultimately hope to have manufactured the spirit item and have a finished design of the mascot.

Ronda Kyle – The Poetry Project
For her project, Ronda will create an 85-page book comprised of her poetry and photography. The book will be about aspects of her life and the art will be categorized by various unique adjectives.

Lauren Battle and Jamie Spain – The Key
Lauren and Jamie will be writing a full-length novel. The novel will be written in three perspectives, with the first written by Jamie, the second written by Lauren, and the third written by both of them.

Samantha Keum – Live Animal Shows at The Cleveland Museum of Natural History
Since freshman year, Sam has volunteered at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s Wildlife Resource Department, working with various animals. This upcoming year, she will learn how to give Animal Shows, which consist of bringing out an animal and giving a talk about its history and significance. She will be documenting the process, and might possibly give an Animal Show at HB.

Danielle Immerman and Victoria Race – Exploring the Music Industry
For their project, Danielle and Victoria will create an online magazine entitled Kryptonite, which will include reviews, playlists, and interviews with bands that come to Cleveland.