Severe Alterations? Totally.

By Caroline Jobson
Severe Alterations? Totally.
As teeth gnaw their way through the lacquer of stubbed number two pencils, the palms become slick with sweat. Heartbeats quicken as minds fixate on a single acronym: SAT. While the stress and anxiety usually associated with the SAT will remain constant, the College Board is in the process of making severe alterations to this dreaded standardized test. Luckily, for the current sophomores through seniors, these revisions are expected to go into effect in the spring of 2016. Freshmen, feel free to add the revised SAT to your ever-increasing list of problems.
Key Revisions:
– In addition to downsizing the point scale from 2400 to 1600, the updated SAT will also offer the essay as an optional add-on.
– Next, the revised SAT will no longer deduct a fourth of a point for every incorrect answer and will instead mimic the scoring of its rival, the ACT.
– Aside from this reformatting of scoring, this overhaul of the SAT will include a smaller focus on obscure and daunting vocabulary with a larger focus on vocabulary common in both college and career settings.
– Furthermore, modifications of the SAT will include a larger emphasis on school curriculum and will therefore share greater resemblance with the ACT.
(Washington Post)