iMagine Film Festival: Recap

By Brady Furlich

Some declared it “wonderful.” Others called it a “success.” Maria Alvarez, an aspiring teen filmmaker, put it in a more complex way: an “opportunity for filmmakers coming out of Northeast Ohio to start to make their mark in the film industry and meet other filmmakers without being in a giant city.”

What is ‘it?’

The ‘it’ in this case refers to the iMagine Film Festival, which held its 3rd annual screening on April 26th. Started by Maddie Stambler ’13 in 2012 through a two-year Strnad Fellowship, the festival allows high school filmmakers in Northeast Ohio to create and submit films that are judged and given feedback by a professional panel. Finalists are chosen and screened in the actual festival, held in HB’s very own atrium and auditorium.

This year’s film festival, led by senior Amelia Visnauskas and myself, junior Brady Furlich, featured 28 films from seven schools in the area, highlighted by an array of films from St. Edward High School and Vermilion High School. The category of drama was filled to the max, while comedy and miscellaneous held a smaller percentage of the films shown (a full list of the movies can be found below).

When it came to the winners, one girl dominated nearly every category: junior Maria Alvarez of Beachwood High School. Mr. Morse, after viewing her films, praised her as being a “powerhouse” when it comes to filmmaking. Her films Who Are You? (featuring HB junior Jamie Spain), Carrie’s Wish, and The Waiting Game dominated the Miscellaneous and Drama categories, while The Waiting Game took best overall. On her film The Waiting Game, Maria commented that “the major cast was only 3 people and the budget for the film was solely paying for coffee breaks and a notebook. This festival proves that to make it, you really just need a lot of passion and a good story.” In her advice to aspiring filmmakers, she says that “the only way to improve in film is practice over and over until you get a final product that you are really proud of.”

So, HB girls, grab your cameras and work on your editing skills in preparation for next year’s iMagine Film Festival! Be sure to catch some of the films, all of which are listed below with the award winners in bold!




Carrie’s Wish

The Waiting Game



This Is Not About Poker





The Hallway

That scary short

To Forgive


Mad World

Riding Hood



A New Ship



The Hammer

REZAR That Boy Good

Orange Juice

Missing Pieces


Text Me

Who Are You?