By Lexi Anderson

Although Mrs. Visioni was not present for this interview, Dr. McCue and Mrs. Tramer speak on her behalf.


The stellar College Office has just finished sending this year’s seniors off to the finest universities known to man. In doing so, Dr. McCue, Mrs. Tramer, and Mrs. Visioni have spent quite a lot of time around teenagers. Does this mean they know the definition of turnt? Will they have found out the Coachella 2014 dates and artists? This week I popped in the College Office, not for candy, but to find out if Dr. McCue and Mrs. Tramer know more about what’s trendy than what good common app topics are.


So since you spend a lot of time talking to high schoolers, do you think you’re up to date with pop culture?

M: Resonably.

T: I think yes, but I’m often surprised. When I hear terms or I hear people talk about things, I’m like “what in the world is that?” So I think for sure more than someone who doesn’t have teenagers or who doesn’t come into contact with them, but I always feel like there are surprises, and there are always new things.


On a scale of one to ten, how turnt are you that the seniors all got into great colleges?

T: How what am I?


T: How turned am I…well obviously a ten.

M: Turnt?


M: I don’t know that [laughs].

Like, pumped up.

M: I would imagine. So, I’m guessing…I’ve literally never heard that before.


M: No. How do you spell it?


M: Really


M: How pumped up I am? Ten.


Do you feel this year’s juniors are on point with their college process, or nah?

T: On point.

M: Absolutely.


If a student wrote a college essay about how everyone makes fun of them because they can’t twerk, would you approve it or tell them to write about something else?

M: I would tell them to write something else [laughs]. Twerking, I do know what that is. Thank you, Miley Cyrus.

T: Interesting. So, no, I think that almost any subject is on the table if you really write it correctly. Like almost, depending on how it comes out.

That’s awesome.

T: But it could also be totally inappropriate. So I guess we’ll just have to see how they go at the topic.


iPhone 6. Are you going to get it when it comes out?

T: Am I gonna get it?


T: I just got the 5.

So you wouldn’t upgrade?

T: Not right away.


Coachella 2014. Did you go?

T: No, did not. I don’t even know what it is.

It’s like a music festival in California where all the hipsters go.

T: Oh yeah, so no, yeah, not on my radar at all.

They dress up –

T: Oh yeah yeah! I have seen pictures of it online.

M: I didn’t [go], but I like the whole idea of Coachella.


M: Totally! I’m a big music fan.


What did you think of Vanessa Hudgens’ Coachella outfit this year?

M: I don’t think I – you know what, I actually might’ve seen it. I probably didn’t like it.

Do you wish Vanessa Hudgens would get back together with Zac Efron?

M: No


Lorde. Love her or hate her?

T: …

You don’t know who she is?

T: [Shakes head]

She’s this singer from New Zealand.

T: What does she sing?

Royals? It’s not pop it’s just like…I don’t know.

T: Do you like her?

Mmhmm. But some people really don’t so…

T: They don’t like her because of how she sounds or…?

She’s just different. She’s eccentric, not really mainstream.

T: Yeah, so I guess I’m not with pop culture as much as I might have thought.

Favorite color Hunter boots?

 M: Black.


Final question: Scott Parsons is teaching a crunk dance class and Mr. Vogel is taking it. Would you attend?

M: Just to be a spectator.

T: [Laughs] As a spectator, absolutely.

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